Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lucie's 8th Birthday Celebrations

Had a really busy weekend sorting out things for our beautiful daughter Lucie's 8th birthday on Sunday.
We enjoyed a lovely day with the family and had Lucie's
favourite food 'Lasagne' for lunch. Followed by a big chocolate birthday cake.. Yum Yum!!!!!

Our big boy Jack got his first spiky haircut
and looks so delicious, or'cool' as he says.

Lucie loved her birthday and we all loved sharing it with my mum and sisters and my gorgeous 18 month old niece Ginny who is so incredibly funny with her dancing and giggling.

Start of a busy week yesterday I had Lucie's craft party to organise for 8, 8 year olds girls, cupcakes, millionaire shortbread baked, party bags put together, decided to make butterfly hanging hearts with the girls, which was lets just say 'interesting' lots of fun but I have sore fingers this morning. Hearts looked great though and they were ready for their birthday food once they'd finished. I was ready for a large glass of wine for all my efforts.

Lucie had a fab time which was the main thing.

Today need to get organised for the farmers market at Pulborough on Saturday, slightly concerned as I still don't have my car back on the road and only have Les's little peugout to fit all my wares in, definitely going to be a squeeze.

Well better get started magnetic pegs to make, aprons, Lemon curd and hot chilli jam on my to do list over next couple of days.

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